We´ll be on Palermo Radio in the programme Conflicting Opinions

Radio Palermo
October, Friday, 21: Today at 21hs we will be interviewed in this programme which is broadcast by Palermo Radio FM 94.7
To listen to the programme through Internet: Opiniones encontradas online

“The most relevant and current issues together with the most highly topical subjects of our society. Comments, analysis, and conclusions from different points of view, always struggling for a better world. Today: Where I want to Be.

Conflicting opinions, presented by Dr. Raúl Olivera Rendo, directed by  Ing. Oscar Rubén Piñeiro, produced by R&O PRODUCCIONES. Winners of the National Awards, Golden Lanin 2010 and Golden Seagull 2010 to the Best Journalistic Opinion .

To participate:
Line for listeners’ messages:  5197-5318
Facebook to communicate on line  while listening to the programme.
Find the programmes’ editions in:  www.opiniones-encontradas.com

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